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ALINDUFLEX – PSA & TKD’s revolution in the rubber cable segment

High flexible Aluminium conductors insulated by superb rubber materials are being combined with reliable connection technologies and create an innovative new cable concept for making your live easier:
• Low weight
• Outstanding flexibility
• Convincing handling
• Excellent value for money
TKDs ALINDUFLEX® will simplify your life!

The Advantages to our customers are obvious
• Weight reduction of approx. 60 %
• Highly flexible conductor construction
• Extremely easy handling
• Same cross-section as H07RN-F*
• Max. temperature of the conductor +90 °C
• Irrelevant to thieves
• Economic advantage
• Higher performance for less money
• Lower freight costs
• Mainly independent from metal price fluctuations
• Better Material properties
• Ozone resistant
• UV resistant
• Oil resistant
• Highly developed connecting technology
• Optical difference to copper cable
• Coloured vertical stripes in outer sheath
• Crane and materials handling
• Control panel construction
• Termination technique
• Cable tray
• Mobile power supply
• Civil engineering

Quality rubber materials with increased stability and extended temperature range.
High flexible Aluminium conductors (class 5) 90ºC isolation allows at same cross-section, same current rating as H07RN-F*